How to draw rings

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Select the ring system from the toolbar. To add a new ring click on an empty spot in the drawing area. By holding and dragging the orientation of the ring can be changed.

Clicking on an already existing atom or a bond will incorporate it into the ring. When adding a ring to a bond the ring can be positioned on either side of the bond by holding and dragging.

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  1. Dana Griffiths
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    How do you change benzene to show the circle inside, instead of the alternating single and double bonds?

    • Stefan
      | Reply

      Hi Dana,

      There is no automatic way (yet ?!) to change alternating single and double bonds in a benzene ring into a circle.
      But you can proceed as follows:
      – draw a benzene ring with alternate single and double bonds from the toolbar
      – select the benzene ring.
      – right click in the benzene ring to bring up the pop up menu
      – choose in the bond section “delocalized bond invisible” (black line with yellow dots) from bond types. The bonds of the benzene ring will now be highlighted in yellow.
      – draw a circle and place it inside the benzene ring
      – select circle and ring and align them vertically and horizontally (menu bar -> Arrange)
      – group circle and benzene ring (menu bar -> Arrange)

      I hope, this helps!

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