Set default values for background color, atoms, bonds, text boxes and drawings


Save and open Files
Import Mol Files (V2000 format)

Import structure file (mol, sdf, txt) that follow the V2000 format

Export as…

Export sketches directly as JPEG/JPG, PNG or PDF file

Print menu


Undo/Redo, Copy/Paste


Show/Hide all C-Atoms

Decide, if all carbon atom labels should be shown

Show/Hide all missing hydrogen atoms

Decide, if hydrogen atoms should be added where possible

Show non bonding electron pairs

Enable or dissable the placement of non bonding electron pairs on heteroatoms.

Set default atom & bond attributes

Switch back to the original attributes for atoms and bonds.

Enable/Dissable position helper

When drawings bonds the position of the bond is locked on some positions

Enable/Dissable warning for to many bonds

Show or hide a warning if an atom has to many bonds.


Calculate formula

Calcuculate the chemical formule of an atom selection.

Calculate average mass

Calcuculate the average mass of an atom selection.

Add explicit hydrogen atoms

Adds explicit hydrogen atoms on atoms with free valences. The addition can be restricted by selection.

Remove explicit hydrogen atoms

Removes explicit hydrogen atoms. The removal can be restricted by selection.



Separate selected Atoms from current molecule assignment. Can be used if imported structures contain separated molecules but are automatically assigned as one molecule.

align objects:
  • horizontally centered
  • vertically centrered
  • top
  • bottom
  • left
  • right




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