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Element selection

The element selection lets you choose which element you want to draw with. You can either chose between C, H, N, O, P, S, or you can click on PSE to open up a periodic table and select any other element from there.

Undo/Redo Arrows

Next to the element selection, you will find the undo and redo buttons.

Bond tools

The bond tools allows you to select between different types of bonds to draw with or change existing bonds.

  • single bond tool: add single bonds. By clicking on a existing bond, the bond order is increased
  • double bond tool: add double bonds. By clicking on a existing double bond, the style is changed
  • triple bond tool: add tripple bonds
  • stereo bond tool: add stereo bonds. By clicking on a existing stereo bond, the orientation is changed
  • dashed bond tool: add dashed bonds
  • chain bond tool: add an atom chain. By dragging the further away, the chain gets longer. The orientation of the chain can be changed by holding the shift-key

Ring system tools

In the ring system tools you will find simple ring systems that you can directly place into your sketch.

Reaction tools

The reaction tools allow you to draw reactions between atoms and/or molecules and to add text fields.

Manipulation tools

The manipulation tools can be used to manipulate or delete objects.


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    Just some comments.

    I think the selection icons are not the best. You should try to get something like it is used on chemdraw.

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