How to draw rings

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Select the ring system from the toolbar. To add a new ring click on an empty spot in the drawing area. By holding and dragging the orientation of the ring can be changed. Clicking on an already existing atom or … Read More

How to draw chains

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The carbon chain tool in the toolbar allows you to place a chain of multiple carbon atoms by clicking and draging the mouse away from the first atom. By holding the shift key while dragging the positions of the carbon … Read More

How to edit atoms

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Changing an existing atom Choose another element from the toolbar and click on an existing atom or double click to edit the label. How tho make the atomlabel invisible or visible Click on an existing atom. If the same atom … Read More

Copy and Paste

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Inside MoleculeSketch Selected objects can be copied or cut by choosing Copy/Cut from the edit menu or by cmd-c/cmd-x. Paste a copied or cut item by selecting Paste form the edit menu or by cmd-v. To other applications Pasting a … Read More

How to edit bonds

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Changing bond type If single bond type is selected in the toolbar, clicking on an existing bond will increase the bond type from single to double to triple and back to single bond. If double bond type is selected in … Read More

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